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Safe and Intelligent Exterior House Washing

Your vinyl protects your home. Proper maintenance prolongs the life of a vinyl. House washing is the most important task to maintain the condition of your vinyl in proper working order.

Why is cleaning necessary? There are a couple important reasons. Algae that grows on your vinyl can shorten its life. Additionally, with its insulating properties, the algae can also increase your electric bills. Oregon Curb Appeal can safely remove the algae and decrease potential future costs related to it.

Taking great care with your vinyl siding

With the light and flexible nature of vinyl, it’s crucial to take great care when cleaning them. Know that our technicians utilize low-pressure cleaning to safely clean your vinyl.


Home Exterior Before Exterior Pressure Washing by Oregon Curb Appeal
Home Exterior Before Exterior Pressure Washing by Oregon Curb Appeal


Home Exterior after Exterior Pressure Washing by Oregon Curb Appeal
House Washing Services by Oregon Curb Appeal in Yamhill County, Oregon

Our licensed and insured team offers both residential and commercial service. Have questions? Call us today at 541-901-1777.

Providing effective removal of:

  • Algae
  • Black streaking
  • Moss
  • And more

Using Only Eco-friendly Products

Great cleaning doesn’t depend on harsh chemicals. Our professionals take pride in the quality of the work we do and the fact that it’s completed with only eco-friendly cleaning products!