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Can remodeling a room make you happier? As it turns out, it can. In the 2019 Remodeling Impact Survey, people said that successful home remodels gave them a greater sense of accomplishment and joy in their daily lives. Without a doubt, people prefer to love where we live.

Home Remodel: Aesthetics

Chipped and tarnished surfaces accumulate over time. Colors fade and layouts in kitchens and bathrooms become outdated. Floors become damaged. Give your home a reset. We’ll help you modernize your home with elegant clean lines and materials that make your home easier to maintain and clean. Beautiful, rich textiles and modern solutions that fit your lifestyle. When you are ready for a change, whether for simple updates or full-scale redesigns, give us a call or fill out our online form. Estimates are free and our work is guaranteed. Connect with us today.

Home Remodel: Function

KItchens are intimate spaces where you create and share with those closest to you. You may want a generous workstation, a comfortable space for family and guests, appliances and features that better fit your needs, and everything accessible and in easy reach. You may also want more storage throughout your house, or want an awkward room layout to be opened up so that it flows beautifully. In truth, sometimes the simplest adjustments to a building layout can make all the difference.

When you like your home but know something isn’t quite right, give us a call and we will assess your goals and work with you to create a renovation solution that you will fall in love with.

Home Remodel: Expansion

Sometimes you just need more room. Whether the kids need more elbow space, you need an office or shop, or the in-laws need a separate suite, the time may have finally come for you to expand your home. You may need a room addition, an expansion into an existing attic or basement, or even a separate building altogether, and we can help. When you contact us, we work with you to understand your personal needs for function and accessibility, and then we create a beautiful space that fits your lifestyle perfectly, according to your goals.

Home Remodel: Accessibility

Most people eventually deal with accessibility issues in their lifetime or with someone close to them. Accessibility needs might creep up on us as we age or after an accident or injury. For us, our son lost his mobility and strength due to an illness. We learned firsthand what kind of modifications a person with mobility issues can need for daily tasks for themself or for the caretakers who work with them, as well as the need for fixed and portable storage systems for medical equipment and supplies.

Our goal in our designs is to assess with each client their level of need for accessibility and then to go above and beyond in meeting those needs with a beautiful design that is a pleasure to spend time in and also makes the mechanics of self-care and caretaking a breeze. If you are finding that you, a loved one, or your clients need more accessibility in your home or office, give us a call. We are certified fabricators of solid surface Corian, an anti-bacterial non-porous material often used in medical and office settings, as well as other building and surface materials. We can customize your spaces to a degree you might not have thought possible. Estimates are free and our work is always guaranteed. Connect with us today.

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