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When is time to pressure wash?

When dingy and mossy surfaces can’t be swept or hosed clean, pressure washing can blast away years of dirt and debris in mere hours. Some of our clients can even postpone painting their buildings after a pressure wash because the building looks so new again. Not only will you come home to a beautifully pampered exterior, your surfaces will last longer as some debris can become corrosive over time.

What can be pressure washed?

Almost any external surface can be pressure washed, from soft cloth awnings to harder surfaces like vinyl, brick and cement. Wood that has dulled to a dead gray color becomes warm and bright again when treated with our process. The outcomes pressure washing can be very exciting for our clients who get to see their property come to life again.

Will pressure washing stop deterioration?

It actually can. Without maintenance, organic and non organic buildup develops on external surfaces. Over time, the integrity of a surface will break down, resulting in a more difficult pressure wash, with some stains that are too deep to blast out with water. If deterioration progresses further, physical repairs or replacement of damaged areas may become necessary. Done correctly, pressure washing provides a fast property makeover, with the added benefit of eliminating some of the deterioration in progress.

How long does pressure washing take?

We typically cover 1000 sq. ft. of surface area per hour. There are multiple factors involved, so that is only a rough estimate. Our estimates start with a measurement of your project area and then an assessment of the surfaces to be cleaned. The type of material and integrity of a surface will make a difference on time required. Our smallest pressure wash projects tend to take 2-3 hours, while our largest projects can take many days. Let us know what you need, and we’ll help you figure it out.

What is soft wash?

Some companies differentiate between “soft wash” and “regular” or “high” pressure wash in their advertising. They are simply referring to the amount of pressure used, along with the appropriate nozzle or tip. A competent operator will dial up the pressure for harder surfaces and dial down the pressure for more delicate surfaces, with attention to any nuances.

Is pressure washing a seasonal service?

Spring cleaning is a natural tradition, as people are ready to step out and enjoy their property again. We do, however, provide pressure washing services year round. If grime or moss are becoming a safety issue during the fall and winter months and your walkways or buildings are slippery, give us a call and we’ll clean things up so you can enjoy the rest of your winter.

Should I rent my own pressure wash unit?

The pros of pressure washing yourself are found primarily in savings, which can be significant. The cons are the same for any project, namely the time a project takes, and the outcome that can be achieved when renting consumer equipment vs the commercial equipment that we use. Our machines cover large areas very quickly and don’t leave behind streaks when the job is done, as lower-powered machines will do. Let us know if you’d like our assistance.

Do you work with commercial clients?

We have worked with many businesses and agencies over the years, including our local Yamhill County Transit and Housing Authority departments, Shamrock Properties, Wilco, Avamere, Harvest Fresh, USPS, and various other retailers and apartment complexes. If you are looking for a trustworthy pressure washing team to help you meet your maintenance goals, give us a call.

Why should I hire a general contractor for pressure washing?

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to work with companies that carry their own bond and insurance. Additionally, licensed contractors can customize your pressure wash project to your liking, should painting, staining or repair become necessary to fully restore surfaces to “like-new” condition. Those are all things to love.

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