Water Damage Restoration

We wish that water damage was a laughing matter…

The truth is that water damage can lead to poor indoor air quality and can even harm or injure people with weakened immune systems. It’s best to tend to problem building issues sooner rather than later, and we at Oregon Curb Appeal are happy to help. Water damage is an issue we feel strongly about regarding our clients’ safety and welfare.

Identifying the issue

Most of the time, you’ll be aware when water damage occurs. Sometimes, later evidence such as wall discoloration, peeling paint, or even mold will be your first clue. When you know or suspect that damage has occurred, contact us immediately, and we will help you get to the source of the problem and map out a solution. We will even help you get the maximum benefit from your insurance company during the process.

Better than before

Whether your home damage is from water, fire, or other elements, Oregon Curb Appeal makes a point of identifying the issue, solving, and then making sure you have the added benefit of other upgrades that might fit into your budget. By the time we leave, your space will look and feel even better than before the damage occurred.

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